How to Create a Cheese Board

No one likes to stand around and wait for dinner to start. Maybe that's why arriving "fashionably late" became a thing. For those of us punctual people, we know that waiting on an empty stomach can be sheer torture. That's why we love cheese boards. It something for guests to nosh on without getting full.

Cheese boards should be beautiful and balanced. Choosing cheese is crucial. You can do a safe option and chose mild crowd pleasers. We love the Beehive Cheese Co., especially the Barley Buzzed and Teahive flavors. They are incredible. We also love the Drunken Goat Cheese, which doesn't taste like typical goat cheese. The third cheese we did was a herbed goat cheese.

When curating cheeses, it's best to use different milks (sheep, cow, goat), and different textures (hard, semi-soft, and soft). You can also do a themed cheese plate, which is three different types of the same cheese. It's really about providing a selection that works together.

After you've pick your cheeses, add in your pairings. For looks, you want a variety of colors. A palate cleanser is a must, so try something fresh like berries, apples, etc. Add a salty crunch like cashews or Marcona almonds. For depth, chocolate always works – it's rich and a crowdpleaser. I love charcuterie boards, so I always add a cured meat for those that like savory over sweet. Crackers, crunchy chips, hard breadsticks, and other food vehicles makes thinks like soft-cheeses, prosciutto, etc. easy. 

Cheeseboard Graphic2.jpg

Showcase your curated display on a beautiful canvas. We love these cheese tools for creating show-stopping cheese plates that offer just as much function as they do beauty to your gatherings.