What's In My Beach Bag

One year ago Syd and I left the shores of San Clemente for the Rocky Mountains. By and large, it has been a great decision for our family and business. Utah is known for great hiking, biking and skiing. Unfortunately, one thing it's not known for are sandy beaches! That's why when we get a client in The Golden State, we make sure to balance out our workdays with some good old fashioned fun in the sun. Just last week we extended a work trip to soak in that salty air for a few days. Relaxing as they may be, even beach trips need a little preparation. Here's a look inside my beach bag and what I won't leave the house without:

What's In My Beach Bag by Studio McGee

1. Beach Bag // 2. Sun Bum // 3. Beach Towel // 4. Water Bottle // 5. Sunglasses // 6. Book // 7. Dress // 8. Panama Hat // 9. Birkenstocks