The closest I'll ever get to an Ikea Hack

I am not a DIYer. Projects either end up incomplete, messy, or I finish and can tell it's not the real thing (only to replace it in 6 months). I recognize that putting hardware on an IKEA piece is hardly groundbreaking, but the shelving units in our studio turned out so great that I just had to share! 

The Ikea FJÄLKINGE is one of my very favorite pieces they make. It is large in stature, has great lines and isn't something you see everywhere (which makes me like it even more). When assembling, discard the metal lip hardware and replace it with these gorgeous brass pulls. This requires a drill and is exactly the point where I deferred to Syd. NOTE: It is easier to drill the drawer fronts before assembling the drawer. Fill with baskets and organize with these cute tags. And now you've completed the easiest Ikea Hack ever! 

Studio McGee's easiest Ikea Hack ever.