Our Top Picks: Black & White Frames

At Studio McGee, we use a lot of black and white frames. I don't want to brag or anything, but we are pretty much experts in the subject of purchasing black and white frames. We use them ALL. THE. TIME. You just can't go wrong with the strong contrast of a black frame and crisp white mat! I tend to like them best when paired with black and white photography, but they work well with pretty much everything.

Black and white frames are extremely versatile - they can make a space look more modern, classic, and dramatic all at the very same. The simple contrast makes any art placed within, stand out. Here’s a few tips for working with black and white frames:

  • When hanging in multiples, we often use a metal frame with a slim profile.

  • A wide mat is our favorite detail because it adds drama and a more modern vibe.

  • With a large print, we generally use a slightly wider wood frame.

We use a wide variety of custom and non-custom options. When working with local clients to frame large pieces of art, we use frame shops here in Salt Lake City, UT. However, we have found Simply Framed and Framebridge are great options for our clients in other states! When creating large scale grids or gallery walls, we stick with stock frames that come with good mats...here are our favorites: