A not-so-formal formal living room.

Generally when clients come to me, they have an empty room and I have to poke and prod them to really discover their personal style. This client came to me with a full room and a typed list of adjectives! She wanted bright, colorful, groovy, and inviting. What I love most about this room is that I did not purchase any artwork or accessories for it. Every item has a story – a blue pinch jar that was her mother’s, a glass orb she used to fight over with her siblings, a table she purchased during her travels…

In my opinion, those things are what really transform a house to a home. This is why I love interior design. We always spend more quality time with loved ones in the rooms that have been designed with personality. And personality it not something this room is lacking. Those pink chairs! They were originally brown with cow print, and in my client’s family for two generations, before we gave them that marvelous facelift. We started with a light rug and painted the walls Dunn Edwards “Swiss Coffee” to let all of the bright colors and prints really shine.

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*Photos by Jill Facer Photography

Rug | Sofa (style was discontinued – similar one here) | Coffee Table | | Lamp | Quilt

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