Coastal Master Retreat

When I first walked into this home, my jaw dropped – every single room had faux textured walls or painted carnival stripes. Every. Single. Room. The owners had just bought the home and wanted to transform it into a coastal retreat. The master has sweeping views of the ocean, so we ignored the orange paint and used cool blues and greens as our inspiration. I am a big advocate of taking your time to “feel your way” through the design process…that way we get everything just right. It requires a lot of patience, but the result is stunning. This room also gets incredible natural light, which doesn’t hurt either. Here is the master and sitting area before:

Studio McGee_Master Berfore 2.jpg

After some sanding, several coats of fresh paint, and a whole lot of love later, here is the after:

Studio McGee_Master 7.png
Studio McGee_Master 14.png
Studio McGee_Master 6.png
Studio McGee_Master 13.png
Studio McGee_Master 8.png
Studio McGee_Master 9.png
Studio McGee_Master 10.png