Baby Wren's Nursery

Over the next week or so, I am going to be sharing bits and pieces of our home. We bought it 2 years ago and it was a typical brown/beige Orange County tract home. Not exactly what I had in mind for our “dream home”, but it had an awesome lot, great natural light and the perfect floor plan for our future family. We bought a short sale which gave me room in our budget to really transform things. Although the nursery isn’t where we started the renovation, it’s my favorite room in the house. I already had the wallpaper picked out long before I knew we were having a girl. After that ultrasound, I ordered the paper immediately! I wanted this room to feel clean, bright and pretty. When Wren was a newborn, I would just sit in that glider and take it all in. Sappy? Maybe. But this room is pretty special to me.

After replacing the carpet and having wainscoting, shutters and crown installed, the furniture and accessories were easy to select. I look at that stuff all day long and knew exactly what I wanted. One late night internet search led me to Kendall Boggs’ dress series. They were perfect! I emailed her immediately to see if she would take a commission for a dress that mimicked a peachy-pink tutu with a little bow on the shoulder. Thankfully, she did. And it turned out perfectly. I danced for many many years and was even a modern dance minor in college…I’m hoping this painting inspires Wren in a small way. After a long-winded lead up, here is the result!

static1.squarespace (13).jpg
Shea McGee Design_PR1_17.jpg
Shea+McGee+Design_PR1_19 (1).jpg

Crib Glider | Wallpaper | Custom Pillow | Antique Mirror | Lamp (no longer available) | Pouf | Sheepskin | Side Table | Dresser | Sheets | Art | Chandelier


And because I’m getting a little too sentimental today, here is a pic my sister-in-law took of sweet baby Wren and me when she was only 6 weeks old…